Community in Quarantine

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In many ways our semester continues…in other ways it very much feels over.  I am hoping to use this blog site to foster dialogue and reflection together while we have to be physically apart.  I have never managed a blog, so we will see how this goes…

I am hoping to post audio interviews with faculty, staff, students and alumni in place of our normal weekly chapel gathering.  I am really excited about having these conversations and creating space for some of you to get to know some pretty great “King’s” people better.  I will also be posting  reflections from people from people in our community and reviews of books/podcasts/movies/series/recipes…whatever.  Please consider submitting something to my King’s email account.  In particular, I would love to gather stories from moments over the last year that you all are thankful for.

“For it turns out, to follow Jesus is ongoing training for learning to live out of control.”  — Stanley Hauerwas


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